Examining their products with regard to damaging chemicals and emissions. The tests will be done by one of the five neutral European research institutes.
  Manufacturing their products in environmentally friendly installations.
  Cooperating on continuous improvement of all environmental issues in their production processes.
  On-going inspections of the standards of their installations.
  Uninterrupted fulfilment of their obligations in accordance to the instructions regarding clean air, clean water and recycling issues.

GUT's main objective is to optimise the manufacturing- and recycling procedures to obtain the largest possible protection for man and environment. This means:

  • Economical use of selected raw materials
  • Avoiding waste and turning waste into new raw material
  • Reducing air effluents
  • Using products that contribute to the well-being of the consumers
  • Facilitating recycling
  In order to further optimise the carpet's life-cycle regarding environment- and user protection, carpet manufacturers work with suppliers' experts in professional organizations to improve their processes.
GUT: carpets tested for a better living environment