On December 4 1990, European carpet manufacturers joined in Aachen in Germany to form GUT. Their goal: to ensure environmental friendliness and consumer protection at every stage of the carpet's life-cycle.

Its founding fathers proclaimed environmental and consumer protection to be a basic element of their company's culture. They realised that the environmental issues couldn't be solved by one single company nor on a national basis: manufacturers - even if they were competing against each other on the market - needed to act together and across the European continent.

To achieve this ambition, they associated the following partners in the value chain: the chemical industry, the wool producers and their trade associations CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), EATP (European Association for Textile Polyolefins), Wools of New Zealand and EPDLA.

Today, three out of four carpet manufacturers voluntarily include GUT's standards in their corporate philosophy.



Euratex | Europe


Eca | Europe

Febeltex | Belgium

VNTF | The Netherlands

UFTF | France

Heimtex | Germany

ETG | Germany

TFI | Germany

ÖTI | Austria
Centexbel | Belgium
GUT: carpets tested for a better living environment