Security for consumers 

It is the aim of GUT’s members to supply consumers with products that do not pose a health hazard and are environmentally friendly. Thus, both the production facilities and the fitted-carpet merchandise are subject to regular voluntary controls by independent test houses.

Compliance with GUT’s criteria is safeguarded by means of GUT’s comprehensive product test.

This is divided in three sectors:

Articles awarded with the GUT signet will be tested annually in control tests at manufacturers’ plants and dealers’ sales outlets.

The GUT product test is conducted on freshly produced fitted carpets. The Textiles and Flooring Institute (TFI, Germany), Centexbel (Belgium) or the Austrian Textile Research Institute (ÖTI, Austria) carry out tests in state of the art test laboratories.

Control tests: Not only new carpets are tested by GUT, but maximum security is achieved by regular annual control tests at manufacturers’ plants and dealers’ sales outlets.

Controls at manufacturers' plants
So-called subsequent annual controls are carried out in compliance with specified criteria with no less than 10 % of a manufacturer’s certified articles. 

Market controls
In addition to the annual controls on manufacturers' certified articles, GUT carries out regular market controls. Random checks are made at dealers’ sales outlets without previous notification.

environmentally friendly“: Products are called “environmentally friendly”, if they are free of pollutants and were made in facilities that exceed the legal requirements with respect to air and water cleanness and waste management. 

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